Eva Pilots from 3.0 – Ink Drawings

From the new adapation of Neon Genisis Evangleion, a good friend of mine here based in Toronto asked me to draw the eva pilot cast from that series.First I blue pencilled, inked and  applied colour with markers – old school and what I used to do before I met photoshop.

Was fun to do and I wanted to make the line work a little more rough and hopefull have captured the essence of each characters personality. If you don’t know this series you should check it out.

Real good stuff!


Here we have Mari, Rei, Asuka, Shinji and Kaworu

Spirit Leaves Part 2: Page 1

Well folks, sorry I haven’t been posting anything new recently… been so busy with the Toronto Fan Expo (a review of that will be published soon) and  taking some time after to chill, draw fun things and see mates. Have been working on other commissions and coimcs at that time and boy things can just slip from the mind.

But Spirit Leaves Part 2 is underway! Have finished the thumbnails and have started the pages… here is a sneak peek of the first opening page, continuing where we left off from the last issue…

…It is going to be an intense!


Smoke and Posessed Bears… like to draw these!



 Close up of terrified faces… GASP!