Spirit Leaves Bookmarks

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of posting  – been unwinding and giving myself some tiny peace from work, but that doesn’t long! 

Aswell as the comic and limited posters there will be a limited supply of free bookmarks that will be available at Degree Show.

There will be 200 so get yours quick or just ask me and I can keep you one.



Spirit Leaves

Well guys… it is done. A whole 7 weeks  of solid hardcore creativity. I am so pleased with it and my proudest work. Off to the printers and the next few weeks will have the 400 copies. I will be selling Spirit Leaves at the Degree Show on the 16th of May in Dundee.

The support I have been recieiving and amazing comments – I cannot show my appreciation enough!

It is only a fiver, 22 fully coloured comic with extra material – not bad. If you are interested in a copy then please get in touch. Annnnd, check out the the epic comments on the front too…that is all!


A Quote from Dave Gibbons

“Rossi’s work is excellent! Dynamic and involving with a gorgeous colour palette. She should go far. And you can quote me!”
Dave Gibbons


The ever so freindly and legendary artist of Watchmen guys….Fecking Heck! Both these guys have commented on the comic!

You should see my face right now…hurts from grinning haha

A Quote from Frank Quietly

Rossi Giffords’ degree show comic is meticulously planned and beautiful executed, full of playful tricks, and rich in texture and detail. Very impressive.”

Frank Quitely


This has made my day… I have a quote from Frank Quietly for my comic. He is my idol in comics and is one of the most decent guys…

I want to also thank Dan McDaid, Ramon Perez, Alex Ronald and Jim Devlin for their kind qoutes also. Will all be exposed on the comics…aww shucks I’m giggling like a high school girl.

Comic Expo / Dee Con

Well last Saturday was a prettty good day… even though I went to bed at 5 and got up at 8 (I have a friend from Canada to thank for that …skype chat sigh…) Anyway even in my current state of a mixture of pure exhuastion and complete excitment extravaganza I was able to seelll all of Anthology 4 to the lovely comic readers and new comers into the industry. The day was wrapped up nicely at the DCA where we drank to hearts content awww.


Photos have been posted up and there is an article with your truly with the mention DC Thomson of course

Anthology 4 and I



Damon Herd and I looking so darn pro…





Here is the link below to view the article – 





Currently working on the last page of Spirit Leaves and i’m a little shocked by this….looks like i’m not the only one.

Two weeks of colouring twenty-two pages.