Interview by the Space Channel is online!

During Fan Expo Canada (TM) in the summer I was interviewed by Space about my comic Spirit Leaves. This channel is aired all across Canada…

Last week the interview was released in TV and now it is available to see online on the website.

I have to admit I feel pretty damn cool right now and already people across the pond are emailing me to get a copy… what a way to get distributed.

Check it out folks!

image_genThis is my booth buddy Paul… whatta a guy! Being interviewed and aired is amazing but working with this guy was the best!

Page 10 of Spirit Leaves

Been powering through the pages and really enjoying the process but man my hands are cramping like mad.

I get a full page done in 5 hours and then place the flats for the next page, ready for me to add shading and tones for the next day. So a page and a half a day… the quality must stay consistant on every page.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 20.43.50

Bantha 6: Promo Art 1


Close ups of the image, think it looks better as you can see the subtle details and shadowing clearly. I really enjoyed doing this image and kept experimenting with close ups, placing the heading and adding intersting effects. I wanted to create a sense of a “rough and industrial environment”.

The Pages are Pencilled and Inked!

Done it!

The pencils and inks for SL2 are done and now just working on the cover… will have access to a good sanner in the next few days so perfect. The next stage now is colouring and lettering…