In the Solis Studio today…

I love working in the Solis Studio with the guys,  I also love The Breakfast Club and have been thinking alot about it recently.

A classic.

I always prefer my pencil roughs but I do plane to ink and colour the crowd in.


SpiderGwen Doodle (Again)

Got up early and bought my issue of SpiderGwen vol 1, love the artwork and costume. Fun morning in the SilverSnail.

 Held by my lovely assistant Frank, I did another doodle YAY!


Harley Quinn Doodle

I have been super busy! Interviews in the past 2 weeks, doing design projects in the Solis studio and seeing freinds in the city I hardly have anytime or I’m way too tired to post anything. Have another interview today and to ease my nerves I sit down at the SilverSnail, have some coffee and draw.

I drew a Harley Quinn. This costume I love and Bruce Timm is a huge influence of mine.


Blue Man Sketch

Have been in Toronto since Thursday and so hence the lack of posts this week. So much snow and so much stuff to organise…Obviously saw the boyfriend and freinds last weekend which was so lovely!

The plane was delayed and long but did some creative stuff during it. Applied colour to an old sketch I did last year when I was flying back from Toronto….