She is one of my dearest and oldest friends. We continue to have such a strong connection, even with her away for two years in Aussie Land. I will see her in June and I honestly cannot wait.

Did her a very quick drawing.



DC Thomson Job

I posted this on FaceBook already but should put it up here too. I got offered the job to be the Illustrator for a brand new comic series for the Sunday Post, published by DC Thomson. This is a new title, It has been 75 years since they relesed anything different from their current series so it is a big deal! I am so chuffed and flattered that the editor asked me to be part of it. So after Uni I will be straight into work in May and this means money saving for Toronto and the Visa! Not only that, DCT are also my sponsers for my upcoming comic too for the Degree Show. So a comic job and two sponsers…. not bad.



A Page A Day

Well… it has taken me exactly 3 weeks to pencil and ink 22 pages of the comic. Very Good. Now is the colouring and submit text. Also some exciting and excellent feedback from some very awesome dudes such as Frank Quietly, Cary Nords and Jim Devlin to name a few…