Sneak Peek of Page 19


Freya Pencil Drawing


Just some late night drawing using pencil. Just experimenting with mark making and some new looks for Freya…

Please excuse the quality… no scanner access but I added the white background to make a little more depth.

Bearded Hipster With Tattoos


Just a drawing I did for fun… Here is the step by step process of it ( sorry for the photo quality)…

Page 13 … DONE!

Coming back to Scotland is always a little hard, missing friends back In Canada and adapting to life here. But after 2 days I am back on track with Spirit Leaves, page 13 is inked up and only 9 more pages to go before colouring…20141015_123257

Still Working away…. Sneak Peak of SL2

Well I have one more week left in Toronto… always hard to leave and say good bye to everyone. However I always come back and the next time will be a more permenant stay when I get my Visa. One of my last days at Solis Animations, one of the cool creative spaces I have been able to work in… alongside with RAID too.

SL2 is coming along nicely too. Will have inked 12 pages so far by next week and enjoying it as always.

20141003_142009            20141003_143042

My desk with all the essentials to  ake comics… bristol board, markers, Mac and coffee!


The finished inks for Page 10 of SL2