Batman Fan and Flowers





After watching “Stand by Me” for the first time yesterday I was influenced by the friendship between the boys. Each character is so distinctive and they seem to be an odd mix to hang out together. Such a great film, loved it!

Again a quick wee doodle and simple colors- hopefully this simplicity only adds to the characters.

I wanted to create individuals you were a bit unique. A  simliar take to “The Breakfatst Club” I suppose. An unlikely group hanging out together and chillin.

Here we have Ginger, Babe, Hoods and Shades.

Dog Walkers


Another drawing experimenting with color and composition. Dedicated to someone back in Canada and his dog. Hopefully a story is sensed between the two individuals.

Collision (Sneak Peak of Characters)

Right I won’t show anything just yet as I still need to wait for the results but this is my most recent short sci-comic for a               competation.

The winner will be announced in October at the Dundee Comic Day (I recommend you go to!) so fingers crossed and I win big monies!

However the process has been most enjoyable and that is the main thing…awwwww

(Images used for the front cover)


For now here are the two main characters; Space thief RA  (my first ever drawing to be completly done in Illustrator and colored in photoshop). This doodle and the girl came into mind and then after having a dream that featured these two characters I had a story!



IRIS (hand drawn and coloured in photoshop) A local Glaswegian girl who wants to escape from the city and wishes for adventure! Influenced by my experience this summer I will admit.

These two characters collide (as the title suggests), a simple and fun stroy that was a lot of fun to do!