Boba Fett Pencil Drawing

I have been taking these 2 weeks off in Toronto to chill and and not work at all (anything important that is) Been in the local comicbook shop SilverSnial where I get my coffee, read comics and sketch out whatever I feel like drawing. I love sci-fi and who doesn’t love Boba Fett from Star Wars. Was fun and tried to keep it simple. Please excuse the photo quality.



Spirit Leaves is in Toronto

The comicbook store The SilverSnail is selling signed copies of Spirit Leaves.

Cool to see it in such a mainstream shop along Yonge Street






Drawing Process of Kuller Cover

In Toronto now… so happy to be back and hence why the lack of posts recently.

I like to document my work and show the stages of how a drawing comes together to the final image.

I start with blue pencil always. Is so handy as you can be  quick and rough and when I scan it and mess with the levels the blue will disappear and your left with just the inks. I like to get the background as “pure” white as I can get and make the blacks “solid”. This was a different approach to drawing as I drew just the one image, text embedded in it. Usually I would have drawn the background, title and character separatly. I just got really into it and ended up just drawing everything together. I coloured it of course in photoshop. Text was a fiddly one but I think has worked out well. It is amazing how colour can change an image. I always love the original black and white drawing but seeing the finished image in colour adds a little something to it. Click the images to get a closer look.


The Kuller Crew

The colourful kids, Grace (Blue) being the newest member to join the crew. I wanted each character to have their own personalty and style, not to be defined by just their colour. This is page spread 9 from the book.


Kullur – Character Development and Cover Draft

This is a children’s book I have been hired to Illustrate by the ever so cheery and passionate writer Christopher Heather. He saw my work at the Degree Show, I came over, we spoke and he stated I was “the one” to draw his book. I love the story, the characters and concept. Here we have the main character “Grace” and a rough design of the front cover. 

Image Image

Showed these development to Christopher and he loved them! Before I fly off to Toronto next week I will assmeble a dummy booklet, a finished cover and finished page from the book and will send it off to publishers and see who bites! 


Comic Workshop



Spent the day at Breadalbane Academy teaching teenagers how to read  scripts to make comics, understand storytelling and character development. An impressive school based in the beautiful countryside in Aberfeldy, really nice kids who were enthusiastic in learning and loved my work frankly. The teachers were great and are so committed to their pupils and practise! Very flattering responses and glad to advice and inspire those wanting to pursue comics, illustration and animation in thier wee lives.

Image Image


Image Image

Image Image