Blue Man Sketch

Have been in Toronto since Thursday and so hence the lack of posts this week. So much snow and so much stuff to organise…Obviously saw the boyfriend and freinds last weekend which was so lovely!

The plane was delayed and long but did some creative stuff during it. Applied colour to an old sketch I did last year when I was flying back from Toronto….


Still Working away…. Sneak Peak of SL2

Well I have one more week left in Toronto… always hard to leave and say good bye to everyone. However I always come back and the next time will be a more permenant stay when I get my Visa. One of my last days at Solis Animations, one of the cool creative spaces I have been able to work in… alongside with RAID too.

SL2 is coming along nicely too. Will have inked 12 pages so far by next week and enjoying it as always.

20141003_142009            20141003_143042

My desk with all the essentials to  ake comics… bristol board, markers, Mac and coffee!


The finished inks for Page 10 of SL2

In Toronto

Well Folks I have finally made it over to Toronto and my god it is chilly! Lotsa snow. I will be seeing my companies and working in The R.A.I.D Studio with the comic artists so awesome times ahead.

This means I won’t be posting any new work for a wee while as I am too busy having fun over here! 


Toronto Summer 2013

I have been meaning to do this image in ages and have finally done it! a quick doodle of the sites, people and things from the Toronto trip in summer time. Of course I couldn’t fit everything I had experienced in the image but I chose a few key things I remember.Seems a bit cheesy to do a drawing like this but heck I really wanted to do it and will most likely do another one after this winter trip.

 I really cannot wait for my trip in January to see all my friends, the companies and the city!


Portfolio Booklet for Toronto in January

Cannot wait for January. I am going back to Toronto and visiting the companies I saw over summer to show them my recent work and discuss possible work for me once I graduate. All four companies: Nelvana Limited, Cuppa Coffee, Solis Animations and Yowza! Animation Inc. Been keeping touch and will see them next year. Will also be working on The R.A.I.D Studio too with some of the Canadian comic artists and that is cool! Excited to see all my friends too!

Have assembled a A4 and A5 copies of my portfolio that I will show and leave with at the companies. I have to say I am proud of the final look of it and think the size is sweet but dynamic. He is a sneak peek!