Hey Everyone! Can I ask a favour!


Hey Everyone!

Exciting news, I am very close to getting Spirit Leaves Part 2 done. Just need to letter the pages and edit. I was hoping I could request a creative favour from you! I was hoping to include some artwork from fans and other artists. I would love to see your adaption of the the main characters or create your own demon/ spirit. I wanna put the artwork in the book and have you credited of course!

If you are interested then just ping a message me and my email details is on my About page. Nothing too fancy, you can be simple with black and white or colourful. You can draw one character or the whole cast… it is up to you.

JPEG or PDF Files. Resolution 200-300 and the deadline is 7th of Feb. Also if people need some reference of the characters I can post some pages up.

Cheers so much!



Last Week The Christmas Comics Class was a Success

Last week I hosted a Comics Class at the CCA in Glasgow. I would say the impressive and large amounts of works produced proved that the class was a success and hope the kids got a lot out of it. The first half hour is always a little slow and dry but once you explain your work and show examples they can produce outstanding results. Ranging from ages of 8 -14 I had one or two fans who knew my work. Is always surreal and so flatterd when you meet people and kids who respond to your work postiviely ( one of the girls was actually called Freya which was so odd but cool! )

Most parents left to do their Xmas shopping for a few hours but a few stayed and contributed to the class, the feedback from them was great…you always have to win the folks over!

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 14.31.19

One of the parents tweeted about me…so far so good

That will probably be my last session on workshops and classes for a while as I move to Canada next month but that sure was a boost. Selling a few comics and an original page from SL was bought too.


 Freya and I with a signed copy of SL…she was so lovely!


Seeing my work in the CCA was pretty darn cool too.

Interview by the Space Channel is online!

During Fan Expo Canada (TM) in the summer I was interviewed by Space about my comic Spirit Leaves. This channel is aired all across Canada…

Last week the interview was released in TV and now it is available to see online on the website.

I have to admit I feel pretty damn cool right now and already people across the pond are emailing me to get a copy… what a way to get distributed.

Check it out folks!


image_genThis is my booth buddy Paul… whatta a guy! Being interviewed and aired is amazing but working with this guy was the best!

Page 10 of Spirit Leaves

Been powering through the pages and really enjoying the process but man my hands are cramping like mad.

I get a full page done in 5 hours and then place the flats for the next page, ready for me to add shading and tones for the next day. So a page and a half a day… the quality must stay consistant on every page.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 20.43.50

The Pages are Pencilled and Inked!

Done it!

The pencils and inks for SL2 are done and now just working on the cover… will have access to a good sanner in the next few days so perfect. The next stage now is colouring and lettering…