Bantah 6 Team

Bantah 6 has been steadily developing. I’ve been drawing, inking and colouring the pages, love drawing the characters and  the story is cool! Keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming months for this series!



I never played the games but I think the suit is cool. Had fun drawing and colouring this character. The Japanese translates to “Metroido” which I think sounds cooler personally.


Bantha 6: Promo Art 1


Close ups of the image, think it looks better as you can see the subtle details and shadowing clearly. I really enjoyed doing this image and kept experimenting with close ups, placing the heading and adding intersting effects. I wanted to create a sense of a “rough and industrial environment”.

Bantha6 Cover





The cover for the short web comics series Bantha 6. Blue pencil, then inked on top, scanned and finally add the colour in Photoshop. Pleased with the final look.


A coloured illustration of the main female character Bantha for the series…well Bantha6!

Robots, hover boards and graffiti… gonna be a good one.


Bantha 6

This is mini comic series I am currently drawing for a friend back in Scotland. Set in the future, Bantha is the main character and leader of a group of rebel graffiti artists… a very cool plot and fun character to design. This is the first stage of the drawing, establishing the posed figure. Next is to set the scene…