Pencil Drawing

It has been a very tense week. I was involved in a Animation project and it made me discouraged about my drawing abilities a little.You need to step back and let yourself doodle for fun. I actually really like this and I shaded  up to almost 10 minutes on the dress and boots. And the support of great friends always cheers me upand motivated!



I never played the games but I think the suit is cool. Had fun drawing and colouring this character. The Japanese translates to “Metroido” which I think sounds cooler personally.


Harley Quinn Doodle

I have been super busy! Interviews in the past 2 weeks, doing design projects in the Solis studio and seeing freinds in the city I hardly have anytime or I’m way too tired to post anything. Have another interview today and to ease my nerves I sit down at the SilverSnail, have some coffee and draw.

I drew a Harley Quinn. This costume I love and Bruce Timm is a huge influence of mine.


Quick Girl Sketch

I’m getting ready to move to Toronto on Thursday but this doesn’t stop me from doing a quick sketch of a cute girl.

I use American Apparel ads and models as ref a lot. I like to just sketch something for no one and it only take me a few minutes to do so…will add some colour to her once I am there.


Girl Wrapped Up!

I am a linear person when it comes to drawing but I do adore just simple colour, shapes and shadows to make an image.I attempted to try this style with a very loose line drawing I did… I think I like the overall look and wanna experiment a little more.


I love drawing cool chicks in lots of layers!

Freya Pencil Drawing


Just some late night drawing using pencil. Just experimenting with mark making and some new looks for Freya…

Please excuse the quality… no scanner access but I added the white background to make a little more depth.

BlackWing… The Best Pencil Ever

I hardly type anything in my blog… I just post drawings, videos, photos and briefly comment but this post I want to tell you about this pencil. Every artists should invest in this as it is a badass pencil that will make your sketches even more beautiful.

When it comes to drawing… I use pretty much any standard pencil, marker or paint etc I believe that no matter what you use, if you have the skill and technique down then you can pretty much create anything out what you have and it will be good.

A friend from Canada and I were talking about equiptment we use and he shows me this type of pencil… The BlackWing 602 “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed”. Only available in America he orders them and only uses this pencil. I was bit like “meh whatever” but then offered to send me one and give it a shot… I will be turned.

So Thursday I recieve a parcel which was lovely and inside is the pencil. Was so excited and I wanted to keep it for something special. I tried it out yesterday and what can I say… it is a damn good pencil.

It has a detachable eraser (that actually rubs lines out!) and once it gets a little to stubby you can extend it, the pencil itself is beautiful and draws across the paper so smoothly. And the quote stencilled on it… is true. I hardly have to force any pressure (which I do) and the wieght of the line is obvious.

He was right, I have turned to the dark side… to the BlackWing side and I heavily recommend this to all creators.

The next question I ask myself…


…What Will I draw?