Pencil Drawing

It has been a very tense week. I was involved in a Animation project and it made me discouraged about my drawing abilities a little.You need to step back and let yourself doodle for fun. I actually really like this and I shaded  up to almost 10 minutes on the dress and boots. And the support of great friends always cheers me upand motivated!


Notepad Doodles and got a work permit!

Hey there sorry for the lack of posts lately…been so busy and Citizenship and Immigration Canada have been in contact and I have been approved. I have a work permit for 4 years…so happy and work really payes off. I leave in the end of Januray!

So  a lot to do with Comics, Christmas and Canada.

But lately I have been tarveling a lot and so I assembled a sheet of the doodles I have…uh…well doodled while on the train, cafes and in my hotel in this last hectic week.


Some of these I will develop further and add colour.