Harley Quinn Doodle

I have been super busy! Interviews in the past 2 weeks, doing design projects in the Solis studio and seeing freinds in the city I hardly have anytime or I’m way too tired to post anything. Have another interview today and to ease my nerves I sit down at the SilverSnail, have some coffee and draw.

I drew a Harley Quinn. This costume I love and Bruce Timm is a huge influence of mine.


The Kuller Crew

The colourful kids, Grace (Blue) being the newest member to join the crew. I wanted each character to have their own personalty and style, not to be defined by just their colour. This is page spread 9 from the book.


Kullur – Character Development and Cover Draft

This is a children’s book I have been hired to Illustrate by the ever so cheery and passionate writer Christopher Heather. He saw my work at the Degree Show, I came over, we spoke and he stated I was “the one” to draw his book. I love the story, the characters and concept. Here we have the main character “Grace” and a rough design of the front cover. 

Image Image

Showed these development to Christopher and he loved them! Before I fly off to Toronto next week I will assmeble a dummy booklet, a finished cover and finished page from the book and will send it off to publishers and see who bites!