I Meet James Ash, A.K.A “The Offensive Playbook”

For a few months I have been chatting to a blogger from the website “The Offensive Playbook” – a blog he started based on the comics, writings, and general ridiculousness he scribbles into an actual, physical, real-life book of the same name. Its contents are perhaps best described as “Adult-Themed Childishness.” He has vowed to create “something from nothing” every goddamn day, and invites you, the perverted voyeur, to live vicariously through his madness.


Check it out! Funny stuff indeed. Anyway the reason I mention him and his blog is that I have met him. I love the concept that these two bloggers, people who simply love to draw, have met simply through our passion to create.We have been talking away, giving advice and tips and simply having a jolly good times and by coincidence he is from Canada! Amazing that in the few months we have known each other via internet we had agreed that we should meet when I got over. So we have and what a cool guy indeed. We have hang out and drawn together. A very cool way to meet a like minded person and I look forward to the cool things we will create together.




Couple of posers



Funny Doodles


Posers Indeed




      • “This but cannot be held within our walls of education and completly boring curriculum! He is a free spirited soul that is indeed to “cool” for us to maintain…. society must deal with this dude and the traits he bears with him!”

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