Degree Show is done and over 100 copies sold!

Well folks thats it! Was fun and love engaging with the visitors who came to the show, gaining new fans and getting such positive feedback on Spirit Leaves. I wanted to make the effort and spend all day in the space as no one else but me could sell it and telling the public how I created it. I am relieved it is done and only 3 weeks today I go off to Toronto! Dead excited and the money I have made this week contributes to my living expenses and so far including the sale of comics and 5 original pages I have made over £1000!

 I was aiming for that amount and thought maybe it was too ambitious. Apparently not haha!

There are still plenty of copies availabe and next week it might be available to buy in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow (stay tuned) Also for my Canadian friends I will be bringing some over and hopefully be selling Spirit Leaves in another comic retail shop (again stay tuned!)


I look tired and not the most flattering selfie but it is after a full week of dedication to representing the comic and making efficient sales almost everyday ( Wednesday I was working on another comic for a friend!)

A HUGE thank you again for those you visited, bought and apprecited my comic so far. Family and mates your awesome!

This is only the beginning though…







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