A Cartoon Process (and trying out the BlackWing)

Everyone I know loves the process/ development of how a drawing, comic page or painting is made. I did a post last year similar to this theme – taking a photo reference, establishing the essential lines and creating an image that is stylised, simple but the anatomy is correct. The thing with cartoons, with bold shapes and lines, makes it seem not a lot of effort has been put into assembling a character when actually it is the complete opposite. To draw a cartoon character that is both exaggerated yet still recognisable to be a human requires a great deal of understanding of the body form and making those “bold lines and shapes” to convey an arm, a leg or a head. And making these distinctive characters a little distorted, wierd or darn funny looking but to still have the traits that you could compare this individual to someone you know… underestimated skill.

Anyway! I did this drawing of a photo I took of myself ( selfie moments trying new clothes, sorry seems very vain!) I love drawing the body and this pose in particular was a lot of fun to draw. I get carried away exaggerating features and elements of the body to make a stylised form. Also with this BlackWing pencil… this was a very easy and fun image to draw.





    • It’s power…I felt I could draw anything… Have you seen the spongebob episode where he gets the magic pencil and whatever he draws comes to life?

      Gotta watch it or what I create can erase me….

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