1. I love a girl with red eyes. 😉

    That’s impressive, right there. Very well done.

    I’m so green when it comes to using Photoshop and Illustrator, but you clearly know what you’re doing.

    Right now I’d be happy just knowing why “erasing” leaves a black line around the area I’ve erased. I’ve managed to fix it before, and know it has something to do with “background” or “outline” or something, but….but I…. *Bursts into tears*

    • That sounds like you haven’t sepreated your line layer from the background layer. Once you do that you can erase an image without the annoying “traces” you get when you either block fill a space sometimes. I hope that makes sense. If you want I can try and make you a brief step-by step guide to making a seprate line layer to the background 🙂

      • Hey, thanks rossigifford!

        I’m going to try and follow your advice right now and get back to you!

        It’s really frustrating for me to use these programs, knowing that they offer literally unlimited possibilities for me, but that I first have to learn all the little nuances.

        I wish I could just download the knowledge into my brain like they did in The Matrix.

        “Can you fly a helicopter?”
        “…not yet.”

        The people at the ER were pretty mad that time I had to get them to remove a USB cord from my ear canal, though.

        …so I’m not trying that again.

        Wait, maybe it didn’t work because I used a regular USB instead of a USB3?! 😮

      • Good Good, practise is they only way to figure these programs out and just play with pen strocks, filters and colours etc 🙂 I only photoshop really for coloring and perhaps editing a selfie from time to time haha

        But let me know hpw you get on. Photoshop colouring suits my style of drawing as I only used markers when I was younger. Still do but the didgital stuff is bang on good!

        And also thanks for the kind words for my work 🙂

      • No problem, rossigifford!

        I like “artist types.”

        Yeah, I use Photoshop to colour too. I actually find it easier to use than Illustrator…I seem to have a better grasp of how to use the layers and stuff.

        What do you have, CS6? CC? I have CS6.

      • I have CS6, I also like illustator actually. Great for the vector lines – very crisp and clean. I usually take the image or tect from there and put it through photoshop for colours and effects etc.

        Again once you learn the basics of photoshop you can pretty much adapt that knowledge to other programs.

        Be organised with the layers 🙂

      • Vectoring!

        That’s something I need to learn. I tried vectoring some hand drawn stuff from a scan and it bungled up what I thought were some pretty crisp lines.

        …can you like, come over and teach me to be an expert? I’ll cook BBQ.

        I’m a good cook and stuff.

      • Haha I am unbelievably busy. Don’t have the time! I am doing a comic for my final show, got 2 commissions and Illustration work for DCT so sorry. I barely have time to see close mates!

        Vegetarian mate 😛 And the vector lines. Basically I hand draw it but be sure to have a good scanner and the sheet is moderatly clear from blimeshes. I take them to photoshop, tamper the level so the sheet is crisp white and the lines are solid black.

        I then import them to illustrator, live trace em and then take them back to Photoshop 🙂

        I do for titles and type when I am inserting them into my comics

      • “Mates.”

        You must be from the UK or Australia or something.


        Or maybe I’m completely wrong. That happens all the time.

        Oh, and you haven’t tried my lightly grilled zucchini, dusted with sea salt, a hint of spice, and a drizzle of olive oil!

      • Im from Scotland. I plan to live and work in Toronto by this year. Have some work lined up and poeple who want me back so gotta move there once I get the visa after I graduate next month.

        Have some comic work lined up here too so busy busy. Where are you from?

      • Yes. I visited a interactive publisher company there.

        My heart is set in Toronto though. I have family, friends, boyfriend and work waiting for me 😉

        Thats very cool your from there. A bit of a Canada fanatic!

      • You must be a descendant of the Picts?

        Well, likesay, we’ll be chuffed to have you!

        I did a post on my blog not too long ago called “Daft, Coanty Foan on the Facebik Mair-ic!” by the way.

        You may enjoy it.

        …or be horribly offended, I’m not sure. 🙂

      • Haha i’ll give it a wee look and yeah I am currently waiting for the visa and then I am over!

        Can’t wait and aww thanks very much.

        And I have had my offensive yet witty scottish interpretations and assumptions when I was over so it won’t offend me at all 🙂

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