Sparrow Winged Girl Comics

This is my mascot to represent my business idea for the Design Enterprises module.

The reason for the “sparrow winged” is an association to a type of butterfly and that of course has a strong symbolism for transformation and change. And the girl well….. it is for girls!

I would establish a working space for upcoming women artists and writers to come together and work. Establishing their skills and confidence in comics that would appeal to many aspects of creative work. To influence a young generation into the world of story-telling through workshops and comic making sessions.

The “stepping stones” for graduated and talented ladies that want to do more comics and gain a better understanding of the creative and competative work industry.

You learn from each other, visits to interesting places and established guests would come to give a helping hand and great advice.

For graduated women who wish to be involved with the comic world, this space and thier involvment would support them to acheive that, gain a better understanding of the professional working world and become creatives that are very employable thats appelas to any entatinament industry.

You have the option to work together or independenlty but essentially to be in a creative hub space with like-minded who love to make stories sounds awesome! Reading comics and drawing comics…Hell Yeah!


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