Collision (Sneak Peak of Characters)

Right I won’t show anything just yet as I still need to wait for the results but this is my most recent short sci-comic for a               competation.

The winner will be announced in October at the Dundee Comic Day (I recommend you go to!) so fingers crossed and I win big monies!

However the process has been most enjoyable and that is the main thing…awwwww

(Images used for the front cover)


For now here are the two main characters; Space thief RA  (my first ever drawing to be completly done in Illustrator and colored in photoshop). This doodle and the girl came into mind and then after having a dream that featured these two characters I had a story!



IRIS (hand drawn and coloured in photoshop) A local Glaswegian girl who wants to escape from the city and wishes for adventure! Influenced by my experience this summer I will admit.

These two characters collide (as the title suggests), a simple and fun stroy that was a lot of fun to do!

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