Galeron and Tegen

A short comic I made last year when I took the comic module with Phil Vaughan as the head tutor. Was one of the best choices I could of made and It really reminded me that I really liked to make stires and draw them! Really boosted my confidnece and ever since then I have been involved in a number of events, met a lot of talented and  renowned artists and I am creating more stories!

The module consisted of lectures from Chris Murray, a doctor of comics and various guests icluding Cam Kennedy, Collin Mcneil, Kate Brown and many many more that were very helpful and always enthusiaitic about your work!  I loved this module and from it I have only proceded to make more stoires and meet more people and attend all alot of conventions and comic events!

This short story about the fiesty Tegen who lives deep in the woods, avoiding creatures who threating her life. She is protected by her robotic companion Galeron who lives with her and is sworn to keep her safe.

It is non-dialogue and  relied on gestures and expressions which was fun but a challenge to convey the correct face or body posture to tell the story.Panelling and knowing how the story should flow is key. Based on a dream I had  as are most if my stories)  The chartacter design of the roboti took me ages but I was able to grasp the overall character if himas he was “big robot with huge hands but was sweet who has cat ears”.

574574_472270076153059_725292713_n   561714_472269959486404_826427760_n

Published this independently and there is a series of Anthologies of every year’s work, this story is featured on Anthology 3 that can be purchased. 12 comics by fellow classmates and I have to be honest it is really good and should definatly be looked at! Lots of interesting stores and great artwork of various styles! Also with a Dave Gibbons original for the cover you cannot beat that!


(The Amazing Mr X book on the right was a competation I did last year that got published along with other works, but I did that in a day and so the artwork is questionable so lets just leave that one out!)

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